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The future of our children is in your hands.....

Parents what would you say or do if you were told that your children are being physiologically, psychologically and educationally harmed and their psychosocial development affected detrimentally. Would you allow this to happen? No I do not and cannot believe that any parent would want that for their children and would take action RIGHT NOW to stop this.

In a test case, a German mother of two children aged 14 years and 8 years challenged the school policies on the wearing of masks, social distancing and Covid testing in Court stating explicitly that they were damaging her children. Experts persuaded the German Weimar Family Court that mask wearing, social distancing and unnecessary testing are having a deleterious effect on her children. The judge agreed and she won her case.

The Court decided in her favour that there were to be no more masks, no more social distancing and no more tests for children in the 2 schools which the children attended. This is a test case and allows for others to follow suit.

The judge summarised his decision " The compulsion imposed on school children to wear masks and to keep their distance from each other and from third person's harms the children physically, psychologically, educationally and in their psychosocial development, without being counter balanced by more than at best marginal benefit to the children themselves and to third parties" Please read more here.

In the UK, a parent is also pursuing a test case, on behalf of his child, challenging the wearing of masks in his child's school saying it is causing harm to his child. The Psychological and Health and Safety Expert Reports commissioned specifically for the case state very clearly that: "requiring children to wear face coverings in schools is causing an immediate and ongoing risk of mental and physical harm to our children. Those harms may be of the most serious kind".

The lawyers say "They make for shocking and upsetting reading". I agree. Check it out yourself they are available for you to read:

You can also read more about the case here

I am aware for some it may be a daunting prospect to challenge authorities, so if you wish to challenge the policy and wish yourself and child to be anonymous , then these lawyers will send the reports with a letter to your child's school anonymously. All they require are the school's contact details.

I am myself a mother and I cannot stand by and see our children harmed. It is breaking my heart to hear stories of how children are being affected by nationally implemented Covid Policies which have little or no risk assessment. A local tradesman I used last year shared his story of heartbreak regarding his two grandchildren with whom he had previously enjoyed a close relationship and prior to lockdown had spent time with several times a week. Before the initial 2020 , his grandchildren would run up to him, arms open wide for the biggest grandpa hug and cuddle. Yet after just a few months of lockdown, they had become timid, shy, confused and so fearful having to look to their mother not knowing what to do in terms of physical contact. This natural freedom and innocence has been taken from these children, no longer are they free to express the most natural sentiment in the world: to cuddle their own grandpa.

I invite you to challenge the wearing of masks in your children's school whether anonymously or not. Let our children be free again.

Please share the reports and consider funding this case if our children's future, health and wellbeing is something you are passionate about.

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