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Deborah Nelson LLB (Hons), PG Diploma in Legal Practice, Solicitor (non practising) 

Who we are

Deborah Nelson has been qualified as a Solicitor for over 20  years.   She now chooses to use her extensive experience as a Professional Legal Advisor/McKenzie Friend.

So what you get is the experience of a Solicitor for a third of the fees.   You are empowered to represent yourself to get the best outcome.  

Read more below about Deborah or get some help now  

A little about me...

I too went through a separation when my son was young, so I have my own experience to draw from of what it is like.  I therefore can have compassion and empathy.  What got me through, well after a while I decided to take some time out to heal, as my own hurt was getting in the way of being objective.  Hence, why I now want to empower others.  I strongly believe you need more than legal support, your life has been turned upside down and when you are at your most vulnerable you are being asked to make major decisions about your life, your future and that of your children if you have any.


I genuinely believe when the right support is obtained whether that be professional therapeutic or appropriate coaching support, this will really help you to make the best decisions.  Too many times, I see client's spending huge amounts of money because they are letting their emotions lead the way and paying for this through Solicitor's at £200 plus VAT an hour, rather than £50 to £80 an hour without VAT for appropriate support and then get legal support which all ends up taking less time and money.      

It allows you to look at your case in a new way, not through the eyes of fear and hurt, getting back at the ex but through what you want to achieve.  Saving a huge amount of money, a clique but in my opinion, very true, getting on with your own life is the greatest revenge...


I  came from a working class background, grew up in a not so perfect family.  Went to University as a mature student, got an upper second degree. Astonished myself what I achieved  in my postgraduate study to become a Solicitor with a distinction and a prize certificate for the most outstanding student.  

I make mistakes like us all, I really try not to judge, I live by the sea, in my spare time, I swim, cycle, dance and play around with creative stuff and eat too much chocolate. 

The service from Deborah Nelson Family Law


  • Experienced and Qualified Legal Professional

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Involved in 1000's of Family Law Cases

  • Over 15 years practice as a Solicitor

  • Reasonable fixed fees and hourly rates

  • Referrals to other services (if required)

  • Support and Guidance based upon solid legal knowledge


Why now practice as a McKenzie Friend 

I am able to use my professional and personal experience to support people through the legal matrix of Family Law.   

I  believe in allowing people to make their own informed choices rather than being swept along in a process.  I feel it is important for clients to feel empowered and running their own case with guidance and support will achieve this.  



The Service

My experience enables me to offer you a a similar role to that of instructing a high street Solicitor.  The service does not include advising on the merits of your case, 


I can explain to you what your options are, what the relevant law says, what the likely outcome will be of taking a step and what types of order are relevant in your case. After all it is your choice and no one not even a Solicitor can tell you what a Judge will order at a final hearing because, in my experience, every Judge is different and the evidence at the hearing can change a case.


 Preparation, a good case theory and good independent evidence to support your case is so very important if your case proceeds to a final hearing.  


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