Deborah Nelson LLB (Hons), PG Diploma in Legal Practice, Solicitor (non practising) 
About me

I am passionate about helping people to resolve their family issues in as amicable and constructive way as possible.   Not only have I had professional experience of family law but also personal experience.  I separated and went through the journey of resolving how to divide assets and the issues around our son Alex.  What it taught me was that the journey is an emotional, financial and legal one and it is extremely beneficial to obtain support in all these areas.   I believe that the main reason that fighting takes place between parents and spouses is allowing the emotions of anger and fear to make decisions and run the case.   This has negative consequences of costing a great deal of money aswell as stress and increasing accrimony.   There are times when court does become necessary, however, in the majority of cases the expense and stress of court can be avoided.  


My professional experience 

I am a Family Law Solicitor (non practising) with 15 years experience of dealing with Family Law cases.  I have have conducted 1000's of cases during that time.   My experience is extensive and includes Divorce ; Finances and Children Cases both with or without Social Service intervention.  Domestic Abuse cases where I have secured Injunction Orders, Non Molestation and Occupation Orders and enforcement of these orders.  My varied experience includes cases involving same sex couples and Cohabitees who have separated and wish to deal with the division of their assets.


As a Solicitor I was involved in cases from initial instruction from the client, negotiation and the preparation of cases both before the issue of Court Proceedings and after issue right through to Final Hearing.


My qualifications

I have an upper second class Law Degree, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Distinction).  I was awarded the Law Society Prize Certificate for the most outstanding Student.   I trained as an Accredited Specialist with Resolution which promotes a constructive and collaborative approach to Family Law.   I continue to attend regualar training courses to keep me fully updated as to changes in Family Law.   


Why now practice as a McKenzie Friend 

I want to use my professional and personal experience to support people through the legal matrix of Family Law.  I am able to spend more time supporting people as a McKenzie Friend, as opposed to when I practised as a Solicitor where I had on average 100 cases ongoing at one time.  I  am a great believer is allowing people to make their own informed choices rather than being swept along in a process.  I feel it is important for clients to feel empowered and running their own case with guidance and support will achieve this.  



The Service

My experience enables me to offer you a a similar role to that of instructing a high street Solicitor.  The service does not include advising on the merits of your case, I can explain to you what your options are, what the relevant law says, what the likely outcome will be of taking a step and what types of order are relevant in your case. After all it is your choice and no one not even a Solicitor can tell you what a Judge will order at a final hearing because, in my experience, every Judge is different and the evidence at the hearing can change a case.  Preparation, a good case theory and good independent evidence to support your case is so very important if your case proceeds to a final hearing.  Please read further information here about what a McKenzie Friend can and cannot do. 


Contact me here for further information or for a Free Initial Consultation. 



The service from Deborah Nelson Family Law


  • Experienced and Qualified Legal Professional

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Involved in 1000's of Family Law Cases

  • Over 15 years practice as a Solicitor

  • Reasonable fixed fees and hourly rates

  • Referrals to other services (if required)

  • Support and Guidance based upon solid legal knowledge


Contact me here for further information or for a free initial consultation

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Deborah Nelson Family Law is NOT a legal advice service.  It is a support and guidance service.  


Although  Deborah Nelson is a qualified Solicitor she does  not hold a practising Certificate to be able to advise you as to the merits of your case.  We are providing a service to you as a McKenzie Friend/Legal Assistant and therefore will not be responsible for any adverse decisions made in your case resulting from documents we have helped you prepare and guidance given to you prior to or during court proceedings.  We will not be responsible for any decisions made by you, the court or the other party's solicitor. or applications, 


If you require advice about the merits of your case or application or what to say in your statements you should consult a Practising Solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority or a Direct Access Barrister.  

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