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Domestic Abuse Support

Support is out there for you.  

It is a frightening time, just remember that it is not your fault and

you are not alone.   It can take time, you are strong enough.



In Immediate Danger

RING 999.

   Educate yourself, get support and take


We Can Help


Check out the support available.  talk to people and get support.   


Take a look HERE at what is available 



Ready to take ACTION  or been advised to get an Injunction.


Take a look below for the Templates available



Affordable Help with Paperwork and Court

First Get Some Initial Legal Advice and Support.  Do you need an Injunction to protect you. 

An injunction is called a Molestation Order, do you also need an Occupation Order. 

Do you qualify for free Legal Aid.  

If you want to apply yourself, templates are available below. 


Need someone to go to court with you.  Check out your options with the support organisations they may go with you.




Check out our court fees. 



 Package of all the Documents you need with worked examples to help you.  


Book a 30 minute chat and consultation with us. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 

Being in a court building with your abuser can be one of the most difficult parts of the Family Court process.


This video explains ways the courts can help make the process of going to court safer and make it easier for you to take part in court hearings without feeling intimidated.

I recommend you listen to this video, it is one of the best videos I have listened to support you in making your application to the Court for an Injunction.


Please reach out and get some support and some help. 

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