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A  Basic Witness Statement Template that is in Word Format and allows you to easily create a Court Ready Witness Statement for your Family Law case.  The layout is suitable for cases involving Children such as Child Arrangement Orders, Specific Issue Orders or Prohibited Steps Orders.  It is also suitable for Financial Application Cases.     


There is no narrative for this template, there is a Word Court Ready layout so you can easily create your own Statement. 


If you want some example statements that have been used in court cases (amended to ensure confidentiality) and a questionnaire that shows you what to put in your statement have a look at the other templates that can be downloaded specific to your case . 


NB.    A Witness Statement is different from a Position Statement.    A witness statement forms the basis of your evidence for your court hearing.   A Witness Statement cannot be filed unless directed by the court or, where certain exemptions apply such as part of a Domestic Abuse Applicaiton or in certain cases where an Emergency Application is issued.    

Basic Witness Statement Template in Word Format

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