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Attending the First Directions Appointment in a Financial Remedies Case. There have been significant changes since January 2022 and  a checklist including these changes and new templates are included in this package. 


There is much more for you to provide before the First Directions Appointment so get yourself full prepared.   Included is a handy checklist to help you navigate the steps through the Proceedings.   


Preparation is the key to ensure success at any court hearing.   Ensure that you are fully ready to meet the Judge with all the information and documents needed so download the the Template Bundle for the First Directions Appointment (FDA): 


This bundle includes  Microsoft Office Formatted Documents:


  • Word Chronology Template worked example
  • Word Statement of Issues worked example.
  • Excel Formatted Template -  Income Needs.   
  • Word Formatted ES1 Case Summary and Statement of Issues Template
  • Excel Formatted ES2 Composite Schedule of Assets Template and worked example
  • Accompanying Notes for the FDA Package   
  • A clear checklist to helps you navigate the Financial Remedy Court procedure and show what you need to do and when,   


These documents  will help to take the stress out of preparing for a court hearing and can assist in including all relevant information, so the judge will be appraised of relevant matters which can help you avoid missing important information.   This can often happen when you are nervous.   


Give yourself the best chance and get yourself Court Ready.   

FDA Financial Document Package

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