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When representing yourself it is useful to have to books written in easy to read language without any legal ease.  I have read  the books myself so can suggest them from  personal experience.   It is really useful to have a book as an easy reference guide, there is so much information for free on the internet, but I find that you can get overloaded with information.  A book can be a quick easy guide to answer a question or to find out some information quickly.  I would not suggest you buy several books, one is enough.  It is down to personal preference.    

I am working on creating a list of books with a link over to Amazon uk, so bear with me, it is still in development. 



The Guide for Separated Parents


Written by Karen and Nick Woodall who run the Centre for Separated Parents.  They have a real understanding of the needs and experiences of both sexes) through the emotional and practical journey of separation and its aftermath. Their explicit aim is to help parents 'put their children first', but the authors know this cannot be achieved until both father and mother can manage and understand their own feelings.


They are experts in the area of Parental Alienation and cases have been referred to them by the courts to support children who have experienced parental alienation.      

The Family Court without a Lawyer


Written by Lucy Reed, an Experienced Barrister in Bristol, She has written an easy to read  guide to Family Law.


The book covers a good deal of ground in a fairly slim volume, which takes the court user from the starting block finding your way around the legal system - to the finishing line, whether that is divorce, financial arrangements for separating cohabitees, contact with children, or getting a non-molestation order in cases of domestic violence. The aim of the handbook is to make people who represent themselves feel more confident in court.   She says she often encounteres litigants in person with a perfectly good case which they struggle to prepare or present, or who become distracted by points which are legally irrelevant.

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