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A statement of evidence or witness statement in the Family Court in the UK is prepared if there are going to be contested proceedings.


Statements are useful in assisting the Court in determining what the issues are in a case, how serious those issues are and what it is that you would like the court to order.


Both parties and any witnesses a party wishes to call to give evidence need to prepare a Statement.  


The statement should preferably be typed on A4 size paper. The statement should be headed with the case number and the names of the parties. The statement should end with a statement of truth, the date and your signature.  There are FREE Witness Statement templates to help you prepare your witness statement.


You may see that the Family Court Order says you have to file and serve a statement.   This means that you file (ie. post the statment to the court) the statement at court and send a copy to the other parties.  You can serve the statement by posting it to the other party. Once you have prepared the statement you should make sure that each page and paragraph is numbered.   Keep a copy for yourself.


You may want to take legal advice as to the content of the statement, as it forms your evidence.  It is best to avoid using inflammatory wording and to bear in mind that the Court is not trying the breakdown of your relationship with the other party but has to decide what are the best arrangements for your child.  The child’s welfare is the courts paramount consideration.






Free Witness Statement Template


This FREE witness statement template for use in the Family Court in the UK sets out the format for your witness statement.  It provides you with free guidance as to relevant issues that you could include in your statement. You will need to delete the questions and just include your information, including numbered paragraphs.  



                 Download File 

Free Witness Statement Questionnaire


This FREE witness statement Questionnairetemplate sets out Questions to help you decide what relevant matters to put in your witness statement.  



                Download File 



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Deborah Nelson Family Law is NOT a legal advice service.  It is a support and guidance service.  


Although  Deborah Nelson is a qualified Solicitor she does  not hold a practising Certificate to be able to advise you as to the merits of your case.  We are providing a service to you as a McKenzie Friend/Legal Assistant and therefore will not be responsible for any adverse decisions made in your case resulting from documents we have helped you prepare and guidance given to you prior to or during court proceedings.  We will not be responsible for any decisions made by you, the court or the other party's solicitor. or applications, 


If you require advice about the merits of your case or application or what to say in your statements you should consult a Practising Solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority or a Direct Access Barrister.  

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