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Find Peace and Calm amongst the Chaos.

Get help and support to find ways to make good decisions.  Ones that you will not regret in the future.


Talk to someone who understands Narcissist Behaviour and Abuse and the tactics that are needed to succeed.  One size does not fit  all.


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I have experienced and healed from Narcissistic abuse, the kind that is subtle and covert.  I know how devastating this type of abuse and behaviour is and what impact it can have on you.  What impact it has in court and what you can do about it.

Download my top tips to succeed against a Narcissist in the Family Court.  It can be life  changing and transformative to get your power back.  

There is already so much written out there about Narcissistic Abuse some of it just seems to pay lip service to it.  I don't feel they really understand it.  How can they if they have not been through it and healed.   The first tip is know your Narcissist, knowledge is power.  


When you truly know your Narcissist Ex, and his behaviours you will start to feel stronger as you will know what to expect.  I promise you his or her behaviours follow a pattern.  You will be surprised.  Want to make a start, then download some top tips here. 

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