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Word Document example Index to Bundle of Documents  with guidance notes.  Also included is a checklist of Tips to prepare your Index and Bundle of Documents, to help you prepare whether that be for a First Directions Hearing, Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing or Final Hearing. 


Being in Word Document Format it is ready for you to get ahead and prepare for your hearing.   Examples and notes are provided of the headings and which sections to place your documents.   


Prepare for your hearings like a professional and prepare and file a bundle.  The invitation is there to get organised and be able to refer to paragraphs, documents, figures easily and effortlessly by referring to page numbers in a bundle.  It will offer you less stress so that you know where all your documents are.   


We want these documents to help you so we invite feedback as these are prepared to support you representing yourself.  Please email us with your feedback whether positive or with constructive ways to amend or add to our bundles or templates.



Index to Bundle of Documents Template

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