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FNF Support Group Meeting

The next monthly ‪ #‎Families‬ Need Fathers support group

will be held at The White Rock Hotel from 7-9pm on Tuesday

15 September 2015 (every 3rd Tues of the month).

If you need guidance or support on ‪#‎seeing‬ your children, ‪#‎separation ‬and ‪#‎divorce‬, pop along for a chat.

Members can talk to and support each other directly, share their experiences and provide help. You may be looking for others to talk to, or need help of specific sorts - this is especially useful if you are going through a ‪#‎court‬ process, as many of our members choose to ‪#‎represent‬ themselves with the support of other FNF members.

Please note that meetings are open to all - if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, family friend who would like to attend on behalf of your son, daughter, sibling etc. then we will make you very welcome. Equally, if you are visiting a meeting and would like a parent, brother, sister or friend to accompany you, they are also welcome to attend. There is no charge to attend, we ask that you make a token donation & buy a drink to acknowledge our host's generous donation of the meeting room.

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